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Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park in the Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh
 is has spellbinding location between the Vindhayas and Satpura 
mountain ranges. Covering an area of approximately 437 sq. kilometer,
 this wetland plateau is the terrain of the beautiful and timid
 animals to the most ferocious of tigers. Once been the personal
 hunting ground of Maharaja of Rewa, this wildlife  region is 
remembered for the majestic white Tiger, who was named as Mohan. 
This tiger, now stuffed to be displayed on the wall of the palace 
of Rewa King. The credit of initiating the breed of the captive white 
tiger goes to this very tiger. Known to be having the highest
 concentration of tigers in the country, this forest was declared
 as a national park in the year 1968 and then on strenuous efforts
 have been taken by the government to preserve it. 
Sal is one tree than can be found in abundance while there are
 mammoth stretch of Bamboo forest and grasslands. The lush
 vegetation provides an excellent opportunity to the animals
 to hide away from the human gaze. The national park attracts 
huge amount of tourist participation,  a visit to the park will give you a chance to decamp from the prosaic life of the city and towns. Pamper yourself with a little spice in the monotonous life.

Welcome to Kingdom Animalia

Already celebrated for the presence of tigers in the park,  
 if Dame Fortune is accompanying you then one can sight 46 to 50
 tigers in this very forest. Though boast of being the home of the
 white tigers, today these white tigers have more or less become 
elusive. Visiting the national park will be an experience of treating

 your eyes, Wherever you will look, there will surely be some activity going on that will make your visit special.    
This nation park houses more than 22 species of mammals and 250 
species of birds. Langoors and Rhesus Monkey following the trend
 were perhaps the earliest inhabitant of the forest. Distinct 
varieties of fox and Hyenas can also be spotted. Sloth Bear is
 another most embraced animal. Illustrious varieties of deers are 
also spectacle. List of carnivores menu includes the Asiatic jackal,
 Bengal fox, sloth bear, ratel, gray mongoose, striped hyena, jungle
 cat, leopard. the horned and hoofed animals frequently sighted are
 sambar, wild pigs, palm squirrel, spotted deer, chausingha, nilgai,
 chinkara and gaur. Mammals such as dhole, the small Indian civet,
 and lesser bandicoot rat can also be seen occasionally.


The fort still belongs to the Maharaja of Rewa and permission is required to visit it. However permission is available locally and no trip to Bandhavgarh is complete without making an effort to climb up the fort.

There are two ways up on the plateau, a jeep track and a footpath-both steep. It is far easier to see the fort by the jeep but much more rewarding to make the journey on foot. There is a convenient place to park vehicles on the southern side of the fort in the lush jungle which surrounds its base. This point is known as Shesh Saaiya, named after a unique 35 foot (11 meters) long statue of reclining Vishnu carved around the 10th century, from whose feet the Charanganga is said to flow. A rectangular pool of spring water lies just beneath the statue and the path to the main gate of the fort. On the other side of this imposing gateway lie 560 acres (227 hectares) of grassland, over which are scattered turtle-filled tanks and the many remains of the human inhabitants of the fort- from ancient statues to the barracks occupied by Rewa's troops upto independence. At a brisk pace the walk from the Shesh Saaiya to the southern side of the fort need only take an hour, but if you stop to see the statues and temples on the way it can easily take much longer. As you follow the path southwards, the most remarkable sights are the 10th century rock images of the incarnations of Vishnu. A statue of Narsimhan ( half man half lion) towers almost 22 feet above the grass. There is a carving of Barah Bhagwan (the boar incarnation), and a small temple enshrining a large image of Vishnu in his fish avtaar. The tortoise incarnation stands unenclosed and flanked by later carvings of Ganesh, the elephant God, and other deities. The charm of this walk lies in discovering these monuments in the jungle, unspoilt and unexploited. Some of the statues lie off the main path and so it is best to take a guide. Apart from the avatars, well worth seeing are three small temples of around the 12th century. These temples are deserted but the fort is still used as a place of worship. Kabir Das, the celebrated 16th century saint, once lived and preached here. 

The natural ramparts of the fort give breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside. Vultures wheel around the precipice, which also attracts blue rock thrushes and crag martins. The fort has a small population of Blackbuck, which have been reintroduced and to some extent protected from Tigers in the park below by repairs to the masonry walls at the edges of the fort.

Thus Bandhavgarh offers excellent game and bird viewing and a historical interest which most other parks lack. 

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